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Parry Street Office Hub

Parry Street Office Hub Parry Street Office Hub

Loan Market - Heath Williams

From Newcastle to Port Stephens and the Hunter Valley, Heath is your local finance broker. Assisting clients with lifestyle finance requirements from home, investment, motor vehicle, personal and business loans and helping create the lifestyle freedom they really want and understand. 

Heath has a background focused on customer/client service, listening to what you want to achieve and helping find the ways to make it happen. Lifestyle freedom is something Heath and the team are passionate about and finding a way to get there sooner is always front of mind. 

Whether it's a new home, investment property, home re-finance, new car, personal loan for a holiday or cash to help your business thrive, he would love to help. 

For more information on this company please email:


Or visit: loanmarket.com.au


Morrissey Law & Advisory

Morrissey Law & Advisory is commercial and corporate law firm with a passion for, and expertise in, construction and infrastructure. We work our clients to find real solutions to their legal needs.

This includes embracing technology and providing agile services, such as in-house corporate counsel and legal project management systems, to ensure any solution is built around our clients’ needs.

We have significant expertise in all areas of construction and infrastructure, including major projects, contracting drafting and negotiations, dispute resolution, security of payment, and general commercial advisory. We also work closely with the not-for-profit and agribusiness sectors.

For more information please email: hello@morrisseylaw.com.au

Or visit: www.morrisseylaw.com.au


Heartland Wagyu

Our Heartland Wagyu Beef is one of natures superfoods, offering health benefits ro rival salmon, quinoa and broccoli.

Wagyu is a renowned source of essential vitamins, minerals and omega oils, which protect the human body from heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, depression and Alzheimer's disease.

Packs of delicious snags, steaks, ribs, roasts and more are available in 300g - 600g crio packs - visit 144 Parry St today!

For more information on this company please email: lbinnie@binniebeef.com.au 

Or visit: www.heartlandwagyu.com.au


Privium Homes

Established in 1996, Privium Homes is one of the most respected and competitively priced suppliers of residential land and house packages along Australia’s Eastern Seaboard.
We offer a full range of design, build and maintenance services to meet the growing needs of real estate investors. We continue to add the services necessary to provide trusted real estate solutions

Through integrity, the Privium Homes team will deliver honest, reliable, high quality and competitively priced homes. From a fixed price investment to a well-designed, modern home – Impact Homes offers more than just a roof over your head. We build houses you’re proud to call home

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Or visit: www.priviumhomes.com.au


Seed People Consulting

Seed People Consulting is based on a foundation of extensive and commercial HR experience, spanning more than 35 combined years in a range of organisations: from large corporate enterprises, to non-for-profit associations and into the public sector. 

Seed People Consulting will deliver an outcome for your business that will generate the return on investment in your people that you are seeking.

To enable your organisation to maximise its productivity and effectiveness, Seed People Consulting partners with you on either an ongoing or project-basis.

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Or visit: seedpeopleconsulting.com.au



CRONDO Pty Ltd and CRONDO Commercial Pty Ltd are Small to Medium Enterprises who provide a comprehensive suite of professional, technical and commercial consulting services to our public and private sector clients.

The company has a network of specialized personnel and multidisciplinary teams supporting our clients around Australia and we pride ourselves on being outcomes focused, expert problem solvers and providing an excellent client experience.

For more information on this company please email:


Or visit: www.crondo.com.au



Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Sydney, Portt (formerly Single Cell) is an Australian-owned software development and services company. Since inception they have been recognised for solving complex enterprise problems with uncomplicated technology. 

Today, their focus is sharp on enterprise procurement, enabling these professionals to operate strategically and drive business outcomes through optimisation of company spend and supply chain relationships.


For more information on this company please visit: www.portt.com.au


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Oakwood Products

Nothing beats experience. Geoff Searl is a man who knew what horse enthusiasts were looking for.

That’s why he designed Oakwood’s Leather Conditioner more than 25 years ago.

Geoff knew the value of caring for saddle leather, and if well looked after, that leather could last a lifetime. He also knew that riders wanted something that was simple to use, penetrated quickly, repelled water and resisted dust.

So he created a product based on experience, for people who loved their gear. Working together with local polo players, Geoff designed the product with special touches, so that it wouldn’t rub off onto their white pants.

Since then, Oakwood has expanded its range to provide the best quality products for your wooden furniture, the family pet and all your leather goods, from your saddle to your designer handbag and leather car seats.

For more information on this company please email: blair@oakwoodproducts.com.au

Or visit: oakwoodproducts.com


ARMS Reliability

ARMS Reliability is a leading global provider of reliability solutions to some of the world’s largest resource, power, utility, and manufacturing companies.

Pioneers of best practice approach; Asset Strategy Management, powered by OnePM®, we are fundamentally changing the way Industry manages reliability to achieve a step change in asset performance.

Through a unique blend of innovative technology, advisory services and decades of reliability engineering experience, we help you to build, deploy and improve reliability strategies for the entire asset lifecycle.

As a result, our customers realize continuous value through achieving the optimal balance of cost, risk, and performance.

For more information on this company please visit: www.armsreliability.com


The Good Feet Store

Good Feet began as a family-owned business in 1992, and opened its first store three years later.

The mission was to help people who – like the company's founders – suffered tremendous foot and back pain that diminished their quality of life.

Soon after, Good Feet stores began opening in cities across the U.S. Today, the Good Feet system encompasses over 100 individually owned and operated stores throughout the world. Including Australia with the opening of our Newcastle store November 2017.

Today, the Good Feet system encompasses over 100 individually owned and operated stores throughout the world.

The Good Feet Store is driven by an unwavering commitment to improving the quality of people's lives - two feet at a time. 

For more information on this company please email: rebecca@goodfeet.com.au

Or visit: goodfeet.com.au

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Binnie Beef Group

The Binnie Beef Group of companies is a  family business that hinges off the back 120 years in stud stock cattle breeding. The Binnies now operate the farm in unison with the Newcastle based office hub.

Established by Steve and Liz Binnie, and operating on a multitude of agricultural and corporate business disciplines, Binnie Beef Group encompasses the following:

Heartland Wagyu Beef 

Binnie Constructions

Mirannie Station

Delta Wagyu Genetics

- Australia

- Asia

- America

- Africa 

- Europe

For more information on these companies please email: lbinie@binniebeef.com.au

Or visit: www.binniebeef.com.au